Friday, October 8, 2010

Tandoor Gobi(Cauliflower)

I tasted this dish at one of the local restaurants...n straight away fell in love with it...Simple to create, totally oil free and beautifully flavoursome would be my description for it.

Ingredients: (serves 4 to 5)
1/2 bunch cauliflower
1 onion diced
1/2 bell pepper diced
1 tomato thickly sliced

For marinating:
2 tablespoons hung curd
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper/ chilli powder
1/2 teaspoon garam masala powder
3 tablespoons lime juice
1 teaspoon cream
1 teaspoon ginger garlic paste
1 teaspoon salt

1.      Wash and cut cauliflower into medium size pieces.
2.      Boil in salted water for 3 to 4 mins with lid on
3.      Mix items for marinating into a fine paste.
4.      Marinate cauliflower pieces and vegetables in the mixture
5.      Grill it for 8 to 10 minutes till moisture from marinade is almost gone.
6.      Garnish with yogurt or butter and serve!


  1. I always make tandoori chicken never cauliflower- will try for next dinner party!

  2. Beautiful pic of the cauliflower dish...looking Yummy.. Thanks for posting the recipe.. you have a nice blog..

  3. I think it must be delicious! I'll try it! :D

  4. Thanks to all of you for all those lovely comments!!!

  5. Always looking for interesting ways to eat cauliflower as we hate the stuff but know it's good for us :) This actually makes cauliflower look edible so will be giving it a go very soon!

  6. This looks so yummy...i would wanna try this out for sure....i have a cauliflower sabzi in my blog but havent tried tandoori stuff.....Good Job

  7. It looks absolutely wonderful. I'm a big cauliflower fan and love the marinade you have for it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. We have an Indian restaurant in my neighborhood that serves this dish. I never fail to order it whenever we have lunch there. I can understand why you fell in love with the dish. Glad you posted the recipe and thanks!

  9. @Quay Po: yeah, it was definitely love at first eat =)


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