Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Finally, I have a bake for my blog...Pizza - the one dish we all need to thank Italia for. The name automatically invokes hunger in me...the feel of melted cheese in your mouth...its heavenly!!
Here, I have used chicken strips and beef sausages for topping. You have all the choice in the world when it comes to topping up yours. So by all means don’t stick to the recipeJ.

I baked it in my microwave oven on convection mode. Directions are also for the same. It will vary for ovens. Usually ovens take lesser time.

Ingredients: (serves 4)

All purpose flour- 2 ½ cups
Milk- ½ cup
Sugar- 1 tablespoon
Salt- ½ teaspoon
Egg - 1
Dry active Yeast - 1 teaspoon
Olive oil - tablespoon
Mozzarella cheese shredded - 2 cups
Boneless Chicken fillet -2 cut into thin strips
Beef sausages - 3 boiled and chopped
Pizza sauce- 3 tablespoon
Bell pepper - ½ sliced
Onion- 1 sliced
Ground pepper - 1 teaspoon
Dried oregano - a pinch
Olive oil
Marinade for chicken:
Garlic paste- 1 ½ tablespoon freshly ground
Lime juice - from 1 whole lime
Ground pepper- 1 teaspoon


1.       In a small bowl take 2 tablespoon lukewarm water and put the yeast in. Cover with a lid and keep aside for few mins till the yeast particles start accumulating on top of the water.
2.       Mix flour, salt, sugar, olive oil and egg with a fork. Then add milk and yeast and knead dough for a few mins till it is smooth. Cover with a wet kitchen towel and keep aside for 2 or 3 hours. When dough expands to double the size, punch to eliminate air gaps formed while rising.
3.       Mix chicken in marinade.
4.       Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a pan and toss in chicken. Stir fry till chicken is cooked. Be careful not to overdo it.
Chicken would look like this:
5.       Prepare the pizza pan or whatever pan you choose to bake in. Coat a thin layer of olive oil on it. Spread the dough evenly in it.
6.       Top it with the pizza sauce, onions, chicken, sausage and bell pepper. Bake at 210⁰C for 15mins.
7.       Now, spread the cheese and tomatoes. Sprinkle pepper and oregano. Bake at 200⁰C for 15mins more.
8.       And serve with your favourite accompaniment!


  1. Looks absolutely fantastic. I would love a slice right now...YUM YUM!!

    Rico-Tried and Tested Recipes

  2. Do you deliver? That looks great! I love chicken and garlic on pizza.

  3. yummmmmmmm , looks absolutely delicious ,now i want some .

  4. Delicious, and you made the crust from scratch!

  5. I am drooling over that beautiful pizza! Have to copy this recipe, and give it to my daughter to make. She also makes amazing pizzas from scratch with various toppings. The photos are amazingly gorgeous too!

  6. This looks great. I believe we have the Greeks to thank for pizza, but the italians for having improved on it ;) Thanks for posting, can't wait to give this a try!

  7. Well we cant exactly give it to greeks, only the name pizza evolved from 'pitta' of pita bread...but i think pizza variations have been in mediterranian cusine even during medival times...The idea of cheese and tomatoes were tats y i said italian =)


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