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Thanks everyone for voting me to the top 9 on FOODBUZZ.
Beetroot is valued to be very rich and healthy. Have been juggling with loads of combination for this juice from a long time....finally found something that covers up the muddy flavour of beetroot.
While making juice one should be very careful not to over consume raw beetroot as it is a very strong detoxifying agent. A glass should be diluted 4 times with any other juice before consuming.
Beetroot juice is said reduce blood pressure drastically. It is also one of the best detoxifying drinks. This juice even gives high stamina, so have a glass before you hit the gymJ.
The mint is optional. Some of us don’t like that flavour in our drinks.

Ingredients: (serves 4)
Beetroot - 1 small or 1/4th of a big one washed and peeled
Carrot - 1 whole peeled
Orange/ lime - 1, remove seeds
Apple -2 green remove seeds
Mint- a few leaves
Water- 2 glasses
Crushed ice
Sugar to taste
Condensed milk - 1 table spoon


1.       Dump everything except condensed milk into your juicer.
2.       Chill a glass.
3.       Twist and turn a spoon of condensed milk inside the glass and chill again.
4.       Pour your juice in and enjoy the beetJ.


  1. This detox drink sounds so delicous, and you can't beat (no pun intended) , all of the great health benefits. Thanks for sharing!

  2. sounds like a miracle juice! Now I have to get a juicer!

  3. Wow, I would have never imagined...
    but I like it :)
    Healthy and flavorful is a most definite plus :)

  4. @Chef Dennis: Go get it Chef!! =)
    @Magic of spice: lol...i know...few months back I too wouldnt have imagined. But it all about trying and testing rite Cheers!

  5. Congrats on the top 9. I WILL be making this today. Yum!

  6. I cannot tell you how great this sounds to me! I only wish I had some beets hanging around right now (I usually do). Going to def be making this weekend after a trip to the farmer's market, if not sooner! Yum!! and Congrats on the top 9!


  7. Hey guys...thanks a lot...n do temme how u liked the beet :)

  8. I have to try this one! I love anything with beets!

  9. What a refreshing, healthy beverage! I love beets, but never would have thought to drink them! Way to be creative... :)

  10. green apples not available :( can i use the red ones?

  11. @Kitchenmorph: Sure, go ahead use red... =)

  12. yeah, i made the punch. it was so good. will make it later with larger quantity when guests turn up! i used more condense milk coz i was sure i wanted to taste it in there. and added some drops of tonovin essence. my dad said fantastic. too bad my husband is not here! can i put it up in my blog next time i make it?

  13. sure u can...but put a link in there mentioning where u got the recipe from to my post :)

  14. thnx, sure. how do i create a link to the chocolate sauce (past post) in my chocolate cake recipe?

  15. go to chocolate sauce recipe copy the link. then in your post highlight the words chocolate sauce or where ever u wana link it. Click on the link icon in posting editor and paste the link in the address bar. n OK! hope i helped! =)

  16. i'm tired. i cannae get wht you saying. i tried following it but some goofy highlight like "the website you're abt to open..." comes. God, i've been trying to get one or two basic doubts done and gonna sleep.

  17. hey mailed u smthing, that shud help. The highlight u said, do it say: it will harm your computer or smthing like that? then jus left click on wat ever button that allows u to proceed. if u send me a screenshot i cud help. =)

  18. i got the mail. tht was sweet of you. and i did it!! i may bug you in future but please don't get bugged!

  19. Happy New Year and thanks for participating in the YBR event. I love your beet punch, sounds so delicious and healthy.

  20. Yum! I'm a little obsessed with beets. I totally want to make this ASAP. I'm contemplating switching out coconut milk for the condensed milk to make it vegan. What do you think?

  21. You can make it with out adding any milk..its absolutely yum!..the condensed milk is just for some garnish and pretty looks =)

  22. Beets are my personal favourite so this one is definitely a must try at home..


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