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This pudding is quiet different from the usual bread puddings. Its texture is gooey and soft with crunch from the pistachio only. It is an easy prep too.

Strictly follow the recipe or the pudding will not turn out well. I used an 8 inch square glass dish to set the pudding. So, adjust the ingredients according to your dish.
Also, be careful not to brown the bread while toasting it. It spoils the texture of the pudding.
Keep the sugar syrup thin. When you dip bread pieces in the syrup, don’t dip for very long. Just a small dip, take it out and slight squeeze between your palms. Happy cooking!

Ingredients:  (Serves- 8)
Bread- 10 pieces
Sugar syrup – ¼ cup sugar + ½ cup water boil into not very thick syrup
Evaporated milk – 160ml (Refrigerated)
Thick Cream/ full fat cream – 200gms
Whip cream- 2 cups
Vanilla extract- ½ teaspoon
Powdered sugar- ¼ cup (as per taste)
Pistachio flakes – 1cup
Chocolate syrup refrigerated
1.       Remove sides of bread and toast it slightly in a pan. Don’t let the colour change. Keep aside,
2.       Beat the whip cream in cold evaporated milk till mixture is nice and fluffy. Add vanilla extract.
3.       Add thick cream, powdered sugar and beat again till even and fluffy texture is attained.
4.       Now ready the dish for setting the pudding.
5.       Dip bread in sugar syrup and squeeze between your palms slightly.
6.       Place one layer of bread in the dish.
7.       Top is with the creamy mixture till evenly covered.

 8.       Pour a few lines of chocolate sauce on top, swirl it using a knife or fork  and add plenty of pistachio flakes.

9.       Create one more layer by repeating process.

10.   Refrigerate for 12 hours till it is set.
11.   Serve cold.


  1. oh, this is fantastic- loved the rich texture and the pics are amazing!

  2. When I saw the picture my mouth begin to salivate. This dish looks absolutely delicious. I'd like to find a way to make it gluten and dairy free.

  3. Chocolate and bread pudding.. match made in heaven

  4. wow, looks so great tho I'm not a bread pudding fan.
    one question thou : what is think cream?

  5. Thanks all of you for your lovely comments! Do temme how u liked it after making.
    @Gringarl: Thick cream is nothing but rich full fat cream!

  6. How convenient and perfect timing too! I've just made some bread to post in my blog and here you are with bread pudding. Looks delicious!

  7. Okay, now that's creative. I swear, that is the coolest spin on bread pudding I have ever seen. It looks absolutely awesome ...

  8. @corliss: I think you can substitute the creamy mixture with vanilla flavoured soya custard plus brown sugar to get a close to the above flavour!
    @Rich: thanx Rich!

  9. Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous and looks delicious!

  10. This looks incredibly delicious!

  11. I have never ventured to the realm of bread pudding...I think I might need to try. This looks fabulous!

  12. @Trish: you shud try...its awsome!

  13. its amazing kind of stuff...i ve never tasted like this before....cardamom u r superb... best of luck and keep going....

  14. This looks very, very unique. I love the idea of the pistachio with it. Thanks for sharing!

  15. This sounds wonderful. There are not many bread puddings I've liked, but this one seems to have all the elements, and from what you describe, the texture also.

  16. This is not only beautiful but looks absolutely delicious!

  17. hi dear,
    i have used this post in my latest post '15 Vegetarian Recipes for Lent' with due credits to your site.

  18. Tried this! It was yummylicious and super easy! Thank you ! :)


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