Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Look at that beauty...!!!
I have been eating this with breakfast, dinner and lunch from the last three days!! And I still am craving for it. Actually, my craze for pickles is quiet famous in the family. During my college years, vacations were mostly spent with my granny who always had a huge stock and variety of homemade pickles. Then, I used watch movies late night, snacking on PICKLES!! I hate store bought ones and rarely touch them, but give me a jar of homemade and I could literally lick it clean for you straight away. Guess, that’s enough of “pickle mania”. Let’s get to work!
Here, we are going to prepare a sweet, sour and hot pickle. The one thing you need to be very careful about is absolutely no water goes into the pickle or else fungi will eat it up before you do.  I would prefer using smaller garlic without having to halve it. And by the way, my lemons are straight from the backyardJ.
The putting together has a gap of 14 days in between, so I will list the ingredients in the same manner.

Fresh lemon – 8 washed and towel dried
Garlic – 2 pods peeled
Raisins – ¼th of a cup cleansed and sundried
White vinegar – ¾ of a cup
Salt – 3 heaped teaspoons
Flavourless oil of any kind – 1 tablespoon

Dried red chillies – 8
White Vinegar- ½ cup
Sugar- 3 teaspoons
Salt for adjusting taste



1.  In a deep pan, mix oil and lemon. Cook, stirring once in a while, till the lemon slightly changes colour and starts to crack. Stop exactly when it starts cracking because we don’t want to lose any juice!
2.  Now remove from stove and let it cool. Then wipe lemon clean of oil and dice into eight pieces each.
3.  Using a steamer, steam garlic for 4 to 5 minutes. Remove and wipe away all the moisture on the surface.
4.  Now take a clean, dry air tight jar and mix all the ingredients listed *WEEK-ONE* and close the jar.
5.  Let it stand for 2 weeks before proceeding further.
6.  2 or 3 times a week, open jar and mix everything using a dry spoon. Or you could just shake it around if the jar is not full to the brim.
That's how it luks end of day-1
7.       Check salt of pickle and add if necessary.
8.       Remove seeds completely from dry red chillies.
9.       Soak in vinegar for few hours till it softens.
10.   Then grind into paste. The paste won’t be very fine. That’s ok.
11.   Now add this mixture and sugar to the pickle.
12.    Mix well and keep aside for 3 weeks.
13.   And there you have your oil free pickle ready to serve.

Tricks n Tips:
·     Don’t use moist spoons in your pickle container.

·         Soak chillies in vinegar for 2 days to get fine paste


  1. Hi CardamonHills,

    These are great pickles.thanks for sharing the tips on how to make them. Love them! Thanks :)


  2. I am going to try this. I have loads of lemons.

  3. Yehey, and I'm the first to comment on your pickle post too! :)
    Ohhh, these look absolutely fabulous. No wonder you're still craving them! If we wait a few weeks, we can make this with freshly picked lemons too - makes all the difference. Excited now!

  4. You make cooking look so simple with your recipes!Thanx for this interesting post! If we were to add dates to this, how do we do it?

  5. This sounds really cool! I love the blend of flavors!

  6. @JayP:Thankk you!! Wen you make 'em post pics. would love to see =)
    @Krazy Kidos: Dates will make the pickle mushy. Wont give you this texture!

  7. Wow...these look so good! I just started canning and pickling and can't wait to try other recipes. Great idea here!

  8. wow, this is really neat. I'll have to try this some time.

  9. I have to try this!!!!!! Thanks!

  10. hmmm have you checked your BP?? thanks for this post. you know how keralite moms are: they can never give correct proportions of ingredients. it's all "kai kanakku" for them. so this is good!


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