Friday, January 21, 2011

WHITE TUNA CROQUETTES - Romancing the leftovers!!

Remember I told you there were some leftovers from the last post “WHITE TUNA & COUSCOUS IN POTATO SHELLS" seasoned with some Italian inspiration!!” Here’s what I did to them...

Finely chop an onion and sauté in little oil. Throw in some chopped green chillies, which is optional. You could add pepper instead, if you like light seasoning. Add the tuna and couscous, which was about 2 cups. Mix well.

A little over 1 cup of mashed potato was left from the scrapped out shells. Threw those in too...and mix well again.

Roll into croquettes. Beat an egg. Dip croquettes in it and roll in bread crumbs.

Bake at 220⁰C till golden colour (around 20mins) and serve with your favourite dip!! And in case you need ideas on dips, keep coming back to cardamom hills, I have some coming soon J

You could make these with any leftovers be it fish, meat, poultry, veggies anything.

I made Tuna and Gouda cheese croquettes before. In case you need more ideas and the some measurements, check in thereJ!

For another leftover idea check out this rice dish i did before- Curried Prawn Rice.

N finally, how did you guys like my new index page? Should I categorize the recipes? Gimme some feedback fellow foodies!! Another question i wanted to ask was, are my pictures too big? Should I reduce the size?

That’s all for now!! See you next time with another seafood special J!!

Lots of luv,
from MJ's kitchen somewhere in the middle of the world J


  1. Oh, my my, MJ! Those tuna crocquettes are gorgeous. and also your previous post of it in the potato shell, as well!
    A work of art, and culinary delight!

  2. I like your photos and they look nice like this; don't even think of shrinking them!
    Regarding the recipe index, I was preparing to ask you why not choosing an alphabetical order to list them? Once you reach 100 recipes, you might find it helpful to list them both as recipe index and categorized.

  3. YUM! And they look so pretty!

    Recipe index - I would go with alphabetizing ... I find that much easier when I search for recipes.

  4. Gorgeous photo!! And I agree with either alphabetizing or listing out which each one is.

  5. Fabulous! A photographic sight to behold. I'm smitten when it comes to tasty little bites like these. Fork or finger, I can't wait to taste them. To think they were derived from leftovers makes it all the more splendid...

  6. Thanks 4 this recipe.

  7. the tuna croquettes look and sound so good. Would love some.

    I try to keep track on my recipe in an alphabetic order, seems easier for me.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  8. great job with those croquettes!! Congrats on the top 9 today!

  9. congrats on top 9! I love tuna and want make these now!

  10. woow.. it s a great idea.. never thought cuscus in a croquette.. i ll give a try soon ..

  11. What a great idea and congrats on Top 9! The tuna and gouda sounds especially good too!


  12. congrats.........u hav got a yummy blog.........pls visit my blog when ur free..........

  13. Thanks guys fro all that lovely feedback! I'll repost the index in alphabetical order as soon as i get time to sit n work on it =) please bear with me till then =)

  14. i just cooked it and ate with family, i liked it... but maybe it s better with less tuna , the taste was too much tuna:)

  15. i just cooked it and ate with family, i liked it... but maybe it s better with less tuna , the taste was too much tuna:)

  16. @yesmin: you can make it with tuna as per your taste or even chicken or with only couscous...i made it from leftovers and the people whom i made it for love tuna :) yea, the tuna flavour overpowers, i guess. but thanx for letting me know, was very sweet of u!

  17. u r right, the ingredients really perfect , i think i should try it with chicken as i m not so fan of fish:)) but tx , really it s different and nice idea;)

  18. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing ability has inspired me to start my own blog now


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