When the hails of angst bellow,
Life would pose a new jigsaw...
Destiny, I embrace thou!

In the darkest of nooks,
Life would throw bits of bright…
Mere dose of little hope!
And life would mock,
For, I became the joke!

Hehehe…mind you, I strictly stick to food over here...its just that occasionally the 'poetic me' tries to overshadow the 'foodie me'.

Mj, that's me....I am everything that you get on this blog and a lot more that I too have yet to figure out J. Cardamom Hills is my living space on the world wide web.

This blog, in a way happened because of my little princess, who is 3 years old now. Her birth inspired me to pursue cooking in a better way, so I could give her the best of everything…but soon the inspiration became more of an obsession…. Now, I breathe here, live here and occasionally disappear from here too J, especially, when I feel it's taking over my life...but, I'll always come back...so pleeeease, don't abandon me, ever J

Beyond my kitchen, I love too many things….anything that brings my senses to life or invokes pulses of interest in my neurons….be it to read, wander, photograph, write, talk talk talk, eat(yea, just as much as cooking or maybe a tiny bit more J). There was a time when I used to dance and play basketball too…. But, then some things die out as we walk past different phases of life…..not always can we carry every bit of us…some part of us wear off while, new found loves sprout within us…Oops! There I go again…lol….that’s why I kept it short before…a million ideas moulding into one life J

About Cardamom Hills….

Down to the south of India, there rests a beautiful mountain range, called Cardamom hills. It is an abode of spices…cardamoms, vanilla, pepper and a lot more. This is from where my blog’s name was adopted. 

In here you will find a lot of recipes from various cuisine....Indian, Mediterranean, Continental, Italian, Mexican…. But most of them would have chillies J I love heat…. There would be an optional label wherever you can do without them. Having said that, I also have a huge sweet tooth…. unfortunately my better half (you can call him Aj) is not very keen on desserts…so I don’t really make them too often…. After all, we always cook for loved ones, don’t we?

Every recipe on this website is mine, mine and only mine. Whenever they are not, due credits are given to the source adopted/inspired from. I would expect the same from you, please link back if you adopt recipes.

Every photograph on this website is shot by me, me and only me. Whenever they are not, due credits are given to the source adopted from.

Be nice and ask if you wish to pick up any content from this blog to publish anywhere. You can write to me on cardamomhillsmail(at)gmail dot com.

Laced with lots of love and heat(from the chillies of course)
Mj J

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  1. Hi, Love your recipes and the blog... I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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