Saturday, November 10, 2012

With love....from Venice!

Just got back home......while I compose myself back into's a sneak a peak into Venice!! Give me a few more days to bounce back....

These chillies really caught my, I don't have to tell you why!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Travelling Tuesday from the Black forest

So guys, where do you think I have been all these days.....well, a few things coming your way soon while I enjoy my little vacation starting in the black forest- Germany....Here are a few pics of what i did and what I ate on my first laptop is gone to the service center and they need to replace the hard disk it seems...they don't have one in stock and its going to take 2 weeks (Sigh!!) So I am still using darling Aj's.

I'll talk more about all these pics once I get back home....leaving you with these now......

Out of the balcony in our cozy little hotel when we checked in......

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deep FRIEDay –Béchamel Bags with chicken and mushrooms!

Hey world….it’s been a horrible day!!! My 5 months old laptop crashed (the one, we call by a fruit’s name) Argh! How much I paid for that piece of metal….Now, I have to wait till Sunday to send it off to the service center…..Lost all my recent food photos L coz I didnt back up since 2 weeks! But, then since its fried-day today and a few pics(not the best of them!!) from this post were safe in my inbox, you get a post from me…..and of course, thanks to Aj for his laptop.

Well, having vented my anger….here’s what I did today to satisfy the craving of a Friday-fried-food-freak J . Imagine a spoonful of gooey buttery oozing béchamel with chicken, red peppers and roasted mushrooms….all I did was scoop them wrap them and fry them….lol…yes, I fried béchamel….and its soooooo good….absolute sinful pleasure!!

I had done a demo of how to wrap it up but lost all that in the computer crash….all I managed to get was these few photos….if I make them again soon, I’ll update the pictures for how-to-make-bags!

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