Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purple Pickled & Stir Fried Salad!!

A salad for the soul!! Perfect, when paired with some grilled meat J Favoloso!!! (err....correct me if my language is wrong).

This post is a dedication to all our fellow beings hit by the catastrophic Tsunami in Japan. It’s devastating to see one of the world’s largest economies struggling to get life back to normal. How that shows even the best in the world won’t be able to resist nature’s fury! Therefore, guys lets pledge to take care of nature, so she would be more kind to usJ. All my foodie friends in Japan, I hope you guys get over the hard phase of life soon!
I love cabbage in my salad....but this was the first time with red’s nice...Adds a lot of colour to your salad without much variation in taste.

Some other day, I’ll post a lean chicken burger recipe where this salad could be used instead of the regular slaw.
The dressing is’s nice when you simply toss everything together. Vinaigrette results from excess juices of the cabbage and oil from the stir fried broccoli. And btw, this dressing is great with just some grated carrots and sliced cucumbers. The celery leaves add an amazingly fresh taste, so make sure you use them.

So what you see above happened when I tossed the salad and splattered the dressing all over J and if you look beneath that’s how I ate it. I did add some extra grated carrot to it. That adds a nice sweetness.

Red cabbage - 1 small half
Vinegar- 3tablespoons
Cayenne pepper/ chilli powder - ¼ teaspoon
Carrots- 2 julienned
Broccoli florets - 1 cup
Olive oil - 1tbsp
Salt to season

Dressing: (optional)
White onion - half chopped finely
Leaves form celery sticks - chopped very finely
Yogurt - ½ cup
Mayonnaise - ½ tbsp(optional)
Salt to season


1.       Place cabbage half in a zip lock bag or air tight container the flat side facing up.
2.       Pour into the cabbage a mixture of vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper. Close the bag and refrigerate overnight.
3.       Stir fry broccoli in a tbsp olive oil with salt till the colour is bright and it gets cooked but crunchy...just takes 3mins.
4.       Drain the seasoning of cabbage into a bowl. Slice the cabbage.
5.       In a bowl, whisk together the leftover seasoning and all the ingredients listed under Dressing. Refrigerate.
6.       Toss cabbage, carrot and broccoli only when it’s time to serve.
7.       Top with generous amount of dressing and enjoy J!!

By the way, even some julienned red or yellow bell peppers could go in there if you wish J


  1. Fabuloso indeed! So colorful, healthy and delicious.

  2. The colors in these shots are so vivid! Who woulnd't be tempted to try these?

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  3. i'm yet to flag your previous dip. i likd tht recipe and i have a lot of potatoes to be used up...

    this salad is one of the best looking salads i've come across...the outer layer of carrots really resemble sketch pen in a child's hand!!

    chk out and

  4. great presentation- lovely, gorgeous pics!!!!

  5. Oh how that looks so beautiful with all the colors! Love love love how you made this!

  6. Gorgeous!! I am so looking forward to making this!

  7. Beautiful and it looks yummy1

  8. What a truly beautiful salad!

  9. Hey Mj , again gorgeous pics , I would love to pass on this award to you , please go here for the details

  10. thabse jab se ma ne janam diya =P lol...just to show off being an indian pal not in india!!

  11. janam diya nahi, liya re...

    jai Hind!

    me OK. jus tired and off for a while.

  12. Janam diya silly, meine kaha "MA ne janam diya hai" hehehe...Jai Hind!!! =)

  13. Such a gorgeous salad, love all of the brilliant colors and flavors :)

  14. This one's an eye candy! Loved the first shot most- very colorful and nice presentation! MJ, how can I follow you and subscribe to your posts..?

  15. Hi,
    You can subscribe using the subscription button on the right side just below the search box! or you could follow using the follow button in blogger toolbar above the blog wen you log in using your google id!
    Thanx for stopping by!! =)

  16. So colorful and so yummy! Your food is always such a treat just to look at, let alone eat! Thanks!

  17. What a beautiful salad, so colorful and healthy. Yummy!

  18. first time here ... glad to follow you ..very yummy and colorful salad ...visit my blog

  19. well dressed...


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