Monday, October 8, 2012

CHICKEN & MANGO BLOOMERS – some pink thoughts with the ultimate chicken sandwich!!!

If the title of this post made you think…eeeww…who would have a chicken and mango in a sandwich! Think again….this one is a killer…super addictive…try it and tell me if you didn’t like it - I’ll take this post off my blog J

Where did I eat my first Chicken and Mango sandwich…well, have you ever tried the chicken and mango bloomer sandwich from costa coffee??? It’s an absolutely wonderful combination of flavours. We love this one at home…all of us- me, hubby n baby J Then, I don’t have to tell you why I tried to recreate it!

Now, to a little more serious issue before we talk more about our sandwich
October being the breast cancer awareness month, I too, would like to do my bit. So starting today, for couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing a few facts about this form of cancer under this section. Today, we’ll talk about the risk factors of developing breast cancer.

When is a person more prone to breast cancer?
·       Women are 100 times more prone to this form of cancer BUT men are also diagnosed with it. They stand poorer chances of survival due to late diagnosis.
·       Ageing- as one grows older the risk of being infected increases
·       Lifestyle- tobacco, alcohol and obesity – excess of any or all increase chances by 30-35%
·       Not having children or having kids extremely late in life.
·       Choosing not to breastfeed your children.
·       Genetic factor- having a history of cancer in the family
·       Exposure to any form of hazardous radiation
·       Any kind of hormone replacement treatment
·       Regular intake Oral contraceptives are also said to increase the risk of breast cancer.

Take care girls!! J

Back to our bloomer sandwiches.... It super simple and yum yum….all you gotta do is slice up a fresh, sweet, succulent mango, add some very finely sliced basil, mix to make a compote. Flavour your mayo with some garlic powder and pepper. Slice up some smoked chicken mortadella. Stack ‘em all up in multi-grain bread, smear a bit of butter on it, grill and grab!!

BUT, there is a small secret to making the perfect mango bloomers that taste exactly like the ones from costa coffee. And that is use the same ingredients I have mentioned below, preferably of the same brand. I have been trying to get this right from quite a while and these gave me the best result. Ofcourse, if you can bake some fresh multi-grain bread then good for you J …lol, I used all store bought stuff….have to talk about the mayonnaise and basil in particular. Use mayo made with sunflower oil base like the one indicated in the recipe. I tried with low fats, various brands, types but this gave me the best result. And basil, please don’t use dried basil, it tastes horrible L

Best enjoyed with a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee! J

Ingredients: (Makes 3 sandwiches)

Multigrain bread – 6 pieces
Smoked chicken mortadella- 6 slices
Fresh fully ripe Mango – 1 large sliced into thin pieces
Fresh Basil leaves- 8 leaves very finely chopped
Lesieur Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp
Garlic powder- a pinch
Freshly ground pepper – ¼ tsp
Butter to spread on the back of the sandwich before grilling


1.     Toss mango slices and basil. If the mango is not very sweet, add some sugar to impart just enough sweetness. Set aside.
2.     Whisk garlic powder and pepper in the mayonnaise. Check for a mild flavour of garlic. Should be very mild.
3.     Heat a non-stick pan to high. One by one, sear each side of the chicken mortadella slices for a few seconds. Slice it up into smaller inch-long pieces.
4.     Spread a thin layer of mayo in both pieces of bread.
5.     Stack pieces of chicken mortadella in bread.
6.     Add generous amount of mango compote.
7.     Seal with second piece of bread and press gently.
8.     Heat grill pan, smear with butter.
9.     Toast the sandwich till either sides become crisp.
10.  Eat hot with the cup of freshly brewed coffee J



  1. I love chicken and mango combination in everything, especially salad.. :D those sandwiches look sunny and yummy!

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  3. Delicious looking sandwiches and loved the info...

  4. Nice photos. Looks like a delicious sandwich! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Mj, The sandwich looks lovely! My wife and I enjoy open-faced ones often and the combination of flavors you've presented sounds so refreshing.

  6. Good blog post, nice efforts. It couldn't appear to have been penned any better. Reading this article piece of writing reminds me about my old boss! He usually kept babbling about this. I will email this post to him. Pretty confident he will probably have a high-quality read. Appreciate your posting!

  7. Those are some lovely flavors...and THANK YOU for shedding light on Breast Cancer...I thoroughly enjoyed your post through and through =)

  8. What a great combination! Love your photos too:)

  9. I would never have thought to put this combo into a sandwich....but I believe you when you say it's fabulous!!! And great idea to share breast cancer facts this month :)

  10. Love your title for your delicious grilled sandwich, MJ...'Chicken and Mango Bloomers' sounds so exotic, and yummy! Would have loved to see the grilled pieces, that you have in the background.

    I'm not familiar with 'chicken mortadella'...although our deli has mortadella, but it's not made from chicken. Our mango season here in S. Florida is over, but I did catch some mangoes at the supermarket from probably Mexico!

    BTW,I'm trying to be more 'network sociable'...not sure if I follow you on twitter, so I'll check that out, also, I see you have your blog on 'Very Good Recipes'...mine are there and have been there for a while now; not sure what we're supposed to do there either! Just signed up for 'stumble' and figuring that one out too~sorry for rambling on over here!

  11. Wow never heard of chicken and mango, but you sure make it look heavenly. I am definitely going to try this soon, and I am quite certain its going to be a winner.


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