Saturday, September 15, 2012


Recently, I happen to encounter a new product called ‘Oats for Rice’ by Quaker. They advertise it as oats that can be cooked with rice. Actually, I found it when I was hunting for white rice at the grocery stores. This product is placed with the rice items and not where all the other oat products are stashed. I felt that was a strange place for it to be. But nevertheless I took a pack since I had seen the product on their website and knew it would be a healthy addition to my kitchen.

It’s whole oats which is not rolled. Tried making some oats in stir-fried rice style. It turned out wholesome and very tasty. A healthy and delicious substitute for white rice with loads of fibre.  I also tried adding it to couple of my rice dishes in 1:2 quantity and even made some soup. All of it came out good. That’s the story of my potpourri.

Nothing unusual about this dish from the usual stir fried rice except that I have added some extra hot piri piri chilli sauce to turn on the ‘you know what’ J… after all aren’t we all about a spicy perspective here J. How could we forget the heat!!

If you wish to veganize this recipe, omit the chicken and butter, use vegetable broth. And will still be as good J

Ingredients: (serves – 2persons)

Oats for rice or whole oats -2 cups
Water – 2 cups
Chicken broth- 1 cup
Chicken breast – 1 cup sliced thinly
Broccoli stem, red cabbage, carrots- 2 cups julienned
Garlic- 8 cloves minced
Dried parsley- 1 tsp.
Extra hot piri piri hot sauce – 1 tbsp.(optional, don’t add if you don’t like spicy)
Soya Sauce- 2 tbsp.
Linseed oil- 2 tspn.
Butter- 1 tsp.
Pepper- as per taste
Cilantro – 1 tbsp. chopped


1.     Marinate chicken in one tbsp soya sauce and 1 tsp garlic. Set aside for 15mins.
2.     Cook oats in 2 cups water.
3.     When water content reduced to half add chicken broth. Cook till oats is fully done and but little amount of moisture is left- a slightly gooey texture.
4.     In a wok, heat a tbsp of oil. Shallow fry the chicken and set aside.
5.     Add rest of the oil to the wok and sauté the garlic.
6.     Once raw smell disappears, add vegetables, dried parsley and stir-fry at high heat.
7.     When it is just done but still crunchy, add chicken and oats.
8.     Add the pepper, soya sauce and piri piri sauce.
9.     Toss the mixture till everything is well mixed and dry.
10.  Now remove from heat, add butter and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve hot.

Tips n Tricks:

·       Just make sure that water content is not excess in the oats while cooking. It is ok to over cook oats unlike rice since it won’t mash up J
·       You can add any veggies and meat (or no meat) of choice. Innovate and invent. This is healthy, healthy!



  1. Delicious and lovely preparation. Simple yet tempting dish.

  2. Wow, I love the idea of using oats instead of rice for a stir fry. It looks like a fantastic meal!

  3. Looks so yummy! And really great to use oats instead of rice :)

  4. Gotta try this one , it looks tempting .

  5. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

  6. Just wondering if this particular oats is really for using it stir-fried instead of their regular oats. So incredibly delicious, combined with the chicken. Love the presentation, creative!xo

  7. This looks and sounds fabilicious. I'am definitely going to try this soon and will let you know. :)


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