Thursday, August 30, 2012


Like the title says, I am confused at what to call the little power packed could decide while I tell you the story behind its discovery J.

Last week my husband brought home a small jar of Eros Pista hot paprika…someone at his office had given it to him knowing our taste for spicy stuff. We tried it with kebabs as dip and mixed it with labneh for sandwiches.  I’ll post the labneh n olive sandwich another time. It turned out yum!

Coming to our salad-snack-starter its simply sliced apples, avocados, black olives, topped with hot paprika and garnished with some chopped scallions. I used Fuji red apples. They are crunchiest and sweetest of red apples. And I recommend using them for best of taste. When you bite into this stack….the taste is heavenly….sweet crunch of apples, nuttiness of avocado, heat from the paprika and a slight tanginess from the vinegar.

Ingredients:(4 to 5 servings)

Red Apple- 2 sliced slightly thick
Avocado- 1 thinly sliced
Sliced black olives- 2 tbsp
Scallions/Spring onion- 2 sprigs finely chopped

Hot paprika mix- 2 tbsp
Vinegar or lemon juice - 1 tbsp
Salt if required


1.     Stack ‘em up
2.     Top with generous amount of dressing (or lets say depending on how much heat your buds can take) and enjoy.

Simple and spicyyyy!!! J



  1. very, very interesting!! have a great day, anne

  2. Oh, I could eat half that plate! Love the contrast of the sweet crisp apple and the creamy avocado...what a dreamy combo!

  3. Hey sweetheart!
    Thank u so much for stopping by my place and leaving beautiful comment...I think the feed problem is sorted now, cud u check that. I cant thank u enough....I knew i was so close to solving the issue, but i forgot to update my feed on the site....Thank u so much. Love you, Hugs!

  4. @medeja: thanx: I am writing the down the muffins recipe for you. Will mail it very soon :)

  5. I will do one new post and see if this works....i will keep it untouched until then....cos i did them manually and I am scared if i will screw it again! It was a headache!...will make sure i will clear all cache and history..

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  7. What a complete JOY to see you back! I apologize for a slow response (been traveling). I have been thrilled to see your comments and now pop over to see what you are up to!

  8. OMG...I am beyond thrilled to see you, back, MJ' I have missed you, and not know where you disappeared to. I hope you will stay for a long while this time.

    Did you not realize the ERŐS PISTA is a Hungarian import hot paprika paste? I should know this product, I have a jar of the same paprika paste with a different label. You can actually order this online!

    I adore your spicy vegetarian stacks with the apples, avocados and of course the paprika paste. I am so anxious to duplicate this yummy appetizer:)
    Thank you for letting me know you are back, welcome back my dear friend (I have to make sure I will put your blog back on my list)xo

  9. hey dear

    thanks for this, we made this on our daughters bday and it came out excellent.


  10. I can't wait to try these. They look so good.

  11. Looks gorgeous! I bet the combination of apple and avocado is a winner.

  12. yummm~ the flavor combination is so unique! i think it makes a nice appetizer for dinner parties

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