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This post is an important component for many of my recipes. So When I finally got my pictures done for Garam masala, I thought I should do the post asap. But guess what? I forgot to put cloves in the picture!! So please bear with the forgetful me and use cloves as per the recipe and don’t hunt for them in the pictures. For those of you who don’t know what clove is, just Google it and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about J but otherwise, here is the secret recipe to my Garam masala mix. I am also going to give you the list of recipes from my blog that can be made exceptionally delicious using this mix of spices.

I would encourage you to make your own mix and store it in an air tight container. Use within a few months and then replenish stock.

For a few recipes like Biryani and “Lamb roast in Garam Masala” I would recommend using freshly ground Garam Masala since that it the best way to infuse flavours into the meat. Also, because the main flavours in such dishes, come from these spices.

Ingredients: (for 1/2 cup Garam Masala)
Cinnamon stick- 1 stick 3inches long
Cloves- 1 tablespoon
Fennel seeds- ¾ tablespoon
Cumin seeds- ½ tablespoon
Star anise- 1 whole
Mace- 3 strands
Nutmeg- 1 whole crushed
Black Peppercorns- 1 teaspoon
Fenugreek seeds- ¼ teaspoon
Green Cardamom pods- ½ tablespoon

1.       Clean grinder and dry it off any moisture.
2.       Crush nutmeg, star anise and cinnamon.
3.       Mix with other spices. Do this part by part.
4.       Grind to fine powder.
5.       Store in clean, dry, air tight container.

Tips n Tricks:
·         Don’t attempt to grind the whole thing at one go, the grinder will overheat.
·         Do the grinding part by part. Then mix the powder evenly.


  1. We've always bought garam masala already made up in a jar. Never knew what was in it - until now, that is. :)

  2. I love spices! and this mix looks really good!

  3. i was it s just 1 spice, recently has watched on tv that s actually mix of some spices, tx for posting this, good to have how to make it..

  4. Thank you. This is so helpful! I don't really like the store-bought stuff that I have.

  5. I think I'd hyper ventilate over the spice grinder. I love all those spices. You could have just photoshoped in the cloves after-the-fact, you know. I wouldn't tell. :)

  6. Now I can make my own! Always wondered about this spice!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love that you make your own Garam Masala. I always make my too, it is so much better for cooking to make our own fresh mix. Your photos are beautiful, I specially love the first one :)

  8. Thank you for posting! This is my family's favorite go-to spice blend. My girls are crazy for it and people are always amazed at the unique flavor it lends to so many dishes. So nice to have a recipe to make our own at home.

  9. Yum....great recipe for zipping this together.

  10. @JayP: hehehe...the store bought ones have so much coriander powder, which spoils the smell and flavour! I never use store bought ones :)
    @eatgreek: its smells n tastes great in your food too =)
    @Yesmin: hehehe...its a blend of spices as u can see!!
    @Amy: The store bought stuff it not one bit close to the real thing!
    @Nancy: Thanx for the compliment!! I love it wen some one loves my photo =) n yea garam masala is always better home made.
    @Kim: u r welcum! try couple of my recipes with this blend! I promise u'll cum back for more =)
    @briarrose: Thanx!

  11. @Momchef: the aroma is awesome! I am a little lazy wen it cums to photoshop n moreover...besides i like taking credits all for my self...rather than giving some to photoshop =)

  12. I love this stuff. Wish I could bottle it and use it as perfume :--)

  13. I've been making my own garam masala for a while now ~ but never the same way twice! I'm trying yours next....

  14. Beautiful photos! I don't even notice the missing cloves because the photos are just that great! I am looking forward to trying this out!

  15. Very interesting...thanks for sharing

  16. Spices just make our life more colorful and tastier. Thank you for sharing ^_^

  17. haha wht's wrong with you...buzzing all the recipes to gether in foodbuzz!!

    i'll try your garam masala recipe though i hate star anise but mebbe the combination taste should be good. wonderful photograph!!

  18. Love your Garam Masal recipe. I will certainly try yours. Mine is slightly different, but yours is very exotic, and intoxicatingly aromatic!

  19. I always have these spices on hand and whole, except for the mace...and I like to grin before use usually. Probably a good idea to set some aside ready to go :) Great photos!

  20. I agree that spice blends should always be made fresh. Every time I have done that I have been very excited at how the aromas and flavors were so much more prevelant.

    This is one I haven't tried to make yet though. Thanks for the recipe.



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