Friday, November 5, 2010


How does it sound? Strangely exciting? Actually, this was an experiment that took place for the sake of a pending can of white beans. In India, we make sweet porridge with lentils. So, I thought why not try ice cream. Well, it was a good yield.

The best thing is you can completely opt out on the milk and add coconut cream to make it vegan and totally healthy ice cream. This is because the white beans give it a great ice creamy texture without having to work too hard on it. For more know-how on that section, check tips n tricks at the end of the post.

This ice cream has to be serve after 4 to six hours of chilling or it will harden (not crystallize). Then you have to leave it outside for 10mins and use a blender to get the texture back. But other wise it’s a hit!
Ingredients:  (Serves- 4)
1.       White beans – 1 can washed well and drained
2.       Cooking chocolate of your choice – 100grams
3.       Low fat Milk- 2 cups
4.       Condensed milk- 2tablespoon
5.       Sugar- ¼ cup (adjust to taste)
6.       Cardamom powder- a pinch
7.       Vanilla essence- 2 drops
8.       Shredded coconut- ½ cup to prepare garnish

1.       Grind white beans into a very fine paste.
2.       Now, take a large sauce pan, pour bean slurry in and cook on high heat till it started simmering.
3.       Reduce the flame to lowest and add low fat milk and condensed milk one by one, stirring in slowly.
4.        Now let the mixture cook for some time till water content is reduced to 3/4th of original.
5.       Add vanilla essence and cardamom powder.
6.       Now add chocolate and stir to dissolve.
7.       Check sugar and add if necessary. Remember it won’t be as sweet when it’s frozen.
8.       Once mixture is even and of creamy consistency, pour into freezing dish and let it cool to room temperature. Stir once in a while to avoid a layer forming up at the surface.
9.       Once ready, cover with a cling film. Let the cover touch the surface of the ice cream mixture leaving no air gap. (Refer here for picture)
10.   Now freeze it for 2 hours, remove and blend mixture till lumps are broken and freeze again for another 2 hour. If it’s not done, you can repeat the blending once more and freeze till ready to scoop out.
11.   To prepare garnish, in a hot pan sauté grated coconut with 2 tablespoon sugar till sugar melts and sticks to the coconut flakes. Off the heat and let mixture cool down.
12.   Then sprinkle it over the ice cream just before serving.
13.   And you are done! J

Tips n Tricks:
·         One is you don’t over freeze it. Freeze only for four hours and extra 2 hours if its not ready.
·         In case of opting out on milk, follow steps below:
o   Replace ingredient 3 with 1 ½ cup water & 4 with ¼ cup coconut cream.
o   In step 3 add only water and let it simmer till texture is almost a thick paste.
o   Add coconut cream just before switching off heat. Don’t continue heating the mixture once cream is added.
o   And u have a variety vegan ice cream!


  1. Mmm, it sounds suspiciously healthy... I would love to think that something good for you could taste all chocolatey and coconuty and yum... I think my curiousity is going to get the better of me, it just looks so delicious :) I have bookmarked the recipe :) Thanks heaps

  2. This sounds like an intriguing combination indeed!

  3. This looks so yummy! My family is used to "ice cream" made from other ingredients, so this should be a winner!

  4. Yummm! Can I have this? Need a good dessert with all the dishes I've been making, and no dessert. This is beautiful. Love cocunut topping!

  5. lovely. i got to add this to my line up of desserts. got my bro here to hog so lots of desserts. i'm not so happy about the blending part in the end. and tell me, i looked up our regional language for white beans and could not find. wht is it?
    and congrats on the choice of ingredients. i can see it's an excellent combo.

  6. thak you everyone! comments r sooo encouraging!
    @kitchenmorph: i guess its a type of van payar/luks same but white in color. hindi is lobhia...i used canned stuff.

  7. Very clever recipe - nice flavor combos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the use of white beans here! I am always adding them to everything, but I never thought to add them to ice cream! This is awesome :)!

  9. I've never considered using beans in anything frozen - I've always been afraid the texture would come out a bit grainy. But, now I'm encouraged. Thanks for posting

  10. Sounds great! unfortunately me and beans aren't best friends :( but your recipe is creative and sounds great

  11. It would have never even crossed my mind to make an ice cream out of white beans, but it kind of makes sense, especially in vegan world. You're pretty darn creative.

  12. I don't think your ice cream sounds strange at all. I love Japanese red bean ice cream and I know I would love your white bean ice cream, besides it also has Chocolate:) Oh I be it tasted heavenly with the coconut milk. I'm craving a taste and it's freezing here. Thanks for participating in the YBR so glad you made it this month:)


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